KisMAC Full Video Tutorial  WEP  &  WPA Key
Airport, Re-Injection & Bruteforce Attack

How to crack a WEP  &  WPA Key

The "new and improved" KisMAC tutorial, in HD con la musica  
This is, of course, for educational / auditing purpose only.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks a lot for this tutorial!
But I got a problem : with KisMAC 0.3, it doesn't scan anything!
I follow all that you said with the airport card etc but it doesn't work... Maybe because I must have the airport card rights, but how can we do that?
Help me please :)

Me said...


Just a question: Was KisMAC 0.2.99 installed prior to 0.3?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I had KisMAC 0.2.99 before 0.3.
But now, I'm on 0.3...

Me said...

"Yes, I had KisMAC 0.2.99 before 0.3"
And if you go on Console log, you have a bunch of "APPLE Error ID="

Your solution is here:

Anonymous said...

LOL is there anyway without qouta i finished so i need to hack lol -Observer

Admin said...

No, you can type the dictionary by hand.

Noble Dummy said...

hey, how are you? i'm having some problem... i started to scan, and it's take like 2 days do collect 20k packets (unique ivs)..... so i saved and continue the other day... and it's finally collected 175k unique ivs..
but now, when i open the archive and start to scan, (this same archive i collected 175k unique ivs and saved) i don't know why, it's show me that's no signal on the same wifi i was trying to recovery the pass..... and i could not colect more unique ivs... but is rare, because, when i open kismac again, and try to start a new scan, it's show me this same wifi, on the same channel and i could collect the unique ivs packet..
could you help me?

Admin said...

Noble Dummy

"i started to scan, and it's take like 2 days do collect 20k packets (unique ivs)"
>> It's a slow network, not a lot of traffic. Have you tried re-injection?

"it's show me that's no signal on the same wifi i was trying to recovery the pass..... and i could not colect more unique ivs"
>> You have to go by the SSID. Furthermore, when you scan, if you stop abruptly, you may end up cutting a packet in two. That may cause issues.

Archive? Do you mean your .kismac file?

"could you help me?"
yup, go to , there is a troubleshooting section.

Noble Dummy said...

hi, you really answered me!!! thanks a lot man...
yeah, i mean my .kismac file...

yesterday i started to scan again, the same wifi, it was very fast, i collected like 120k unique ivs in less than 10 minutes; but after that i think the traffic stopped and it's get slow again... so, i saved the archive and today i start this same archive again, so now i have 150k unique ivs... i clicked on weak scheduling attack and so... it's starts to try a lot of keys... it's show me that the program is trying to get the key, but it's take like 10 or 20 minutes trying, and after almost 1 000,000 keys i give up hehehe;
do you think the problem is that i'm using a saved .kismac file? or do you think i have to collect more packets and try again?

thanks again man, by the way, my name is Renato;


Anonymous said...

Hi, 1st I want to thank u for all the help with the KISMac.
But if been facing a problem with the unique IVs, I have more then 120k of packets already but only 5 unique IVs so what am I doing wrong?
I tried with all ch and only with 1 ch, like some tutorials show but the result is always the same.
I have a MacBook Pro 2,26 dual 4Gb RAM and 240Gb SSD and it took me 7h to reach the 120k of packets.
Help please,

Admin said...

Rui, the answer to your question is here:

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