If  -After- reading all you could, the post is still not clear to you, feel free to ask a question via email or post a comment.  Not Knowing is "normal", nobody's born with knowledge. 
Just one thing:
I am doing this pro bono, hence: As long as I do not mind helping, I am not your mummy and can't help really help if you if you do not provide me with -details-.

As I don't have ESP yet, don't forget to add -all- info in regards to your machine, config and app included. 

Good Example:
"I can't figure out how to install plugins for iMovie. I followed the instructions, they are in the right place \library\iMovie\plugins, but it does not seems to work"

Macbook Pro, Model 4.1, 2.5 Ghz, 4GB RAM
OS X 10.6.1
and the version of the soft used. i.e iMovie '09 V8.0.5

Bad Example:
"KisMec iz nt wrking!!!????"

I just can't answer the latter and I probably won't spend too much time trying to read your mind. 

Everything is clear? Okey , for email questions follow that (Re-Captcha protected) link below  (Absolutely No attachments or links in the emails.)