Mac 201 Pro Series: Cleaning Gmail in Seconds

If you are like me, your Gmail Account is a mess. Tons of emails that needs a tidy up, unfortunately gmail has no real sorting and cleaning features. That’s for a good reason: The More mail you keep, the more data mining Gmail and google can do. 
The issue being that after a while, my Gmail account looks like a dump.  Saying that it’s a mess is an understatement.
So, to help you,  here is how to:
Sort Gmail by Size, time, sender, etc and clean Gmail in seconds & easily remove old and unneeded emails.  No script needed, no add-on programs.

Open Mail  (Mac Mail that is)

- On the Main Window, bottom left,
- Click on the gear

- Using the drop menu, go to “Get Account Info”
- You can now see a summary of your mailbox, including your Gmail Quota

- Select a Folder and then click on “Show Messages”
- You can now sort by size, time, attachments, sender, etc ... and delete, copy, save or move whatever  you want, i.e. the big files that you sent 2 years ago...


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