Mac 201 Pro Series: Multitouch Track Pad

Play your TrackPad like a Beethoven 

The Track Pad on a MacBook is a little wonder of ingenuity. Knowing how to use it and what you can do with it will make your life much easier.
Before going too far, a little intro: Watch the video and relax
The original video is available here

That's neat! No?
Now we can start playing a little
For better understanding the arrows will represent your fingers, 2 arrows = 2 fingers,  3 arrows = 3 fingers. You got the picture, huh?
This MBP is an early 2009, the before last model
the new ones have no click bar, as shown in the video. That does not change much as for your fingers movement.  Let's play ..

Quicktime & DVD Player

Fast Forward
From Speed 1.1 to Speed 32
When released, speed returns to "Play"

From Speed -1.1 to Speed -32
When released, speed returns to "Play"

Frame by Frame Forward

Frame by Frame Rewind

Diagonal Out
Zoom in or Full Screen

Diagonal In
Zoom Out or Small Screen

Down (4 Fingers)
Activate Spaces

Up (4 Fingers)
Activate Desktop

Right (2 Fingers)
Seek or FF

Left (2 Fingers)
Seek or RW

Preview & iPhoto 

Diagonal Out
Zoom in


Diagonal Out
Zoom in

Rotate (2 Fingers)
Rotate Pictures (90,180,270)
Works also with one finger still and one turning


Almost All Apple Apps have commands that you can execute with the Track Pad,
Try it with Finder, Dock, etc. You'll find plenty of shortcut yourself. 

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Anonymous said...

I am using OS X Lion and when I try to change the trackpad settings, it will not let me change the "show desktop" gesture. It is set to "Spread with thumb and three fingers". I woud really like to change this.

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