Mac 201 Pro Series:  Finding The Best WiFi in One Click

On the Menu Bar (Top Left)
Find the Airport Icon

Hold Option + Click on the Icon  will reveal the connection status

PHY: Physical Layer Device (802.11 a,b,c etc.. )
BSSID: Basic Service Set Identifier. A unique address that identifies the access point/router that creates the wireless network. Keep that one private. You can be Located or Spoofed with this number.
Security:  None - WEP - WPA (Shall you have the first two, you could be in trouble)
RSSI: Received Signal Strength Indication (Signal Strength) The closer to zero the better.
Transmit Rate: Theoretical Max transmit rate (here tested at 8700KB/S)(that's high...)
MCS Index: Too long to explain,  Geeks Only

So, in short Look at the RSSI and the Transmit Rate and it will give you a clear idea of your Connection Quality. 

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